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John McDonald Feat. Mark Maxwell

Touched By The Blues

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John McDonald has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the blues, it's history, the styles, players and most of all the passion he exudes on this recording is very evident. Coupled with that he has surrounded himself with top class musicians, Mark Maxwell in particular has had an immense influence on the playing and recording of this release.


More than a tribute album, 'Touched By The Blues', is a love letter to the music and artists that John holds dear to his heart and is highly recommended listening.

Natalia D-Naploean

You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea

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After two decades of performing everywhere from grimy Australian pubs to commanding the stage of international music festivals, Natalie had all but given up on music. It didn't seem to love her quite as much as she loved it. But before she said goodbye to her American band, she decided to record her latest collection of songs.

John McDonough

We'll Answer The Call


John is very excited to release his new concept EP, 'We'll Answer The Call,' June 17th, 2022. This EP tells the true story of Joe Rantz, the Washington Husky rowing team, and their epic bid to win gold in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. He is also very excited to get back into Roxie, his small RV, and tour the United States. 

Rosedale Junction

The Last Rodeo

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Rosedale Junction is the crossroads of traditional American born and raised blues, country, R&B and good old fashioned rock 'n' roll.  


Founded by Boston based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Toby Soriero, the band released their debut album, Stompin’ on the Front Porch, in 2021. Well reviewed, the LP was nominated for Album of the Year by Blues and Roots Radio. Their Delta blues inspired ode to Christmas, Sleigh Bell Blues, released later that year, caught the attention of Joe Bonamassa, who featured it on his Christmas Shades of Blue playlist. 


The band’s 2022 follow-up album, The Last Rodeo, includes seven new original songs and the first cover by a female vocalist of Fenton Robinson’s Loan Me a Dime, featuring Boston based mezzo-soprano, Kristin Lawler.