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Bill Abernathy


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Bill Abernathy, the accomplished Singer-Songwriter from Kansas City, began his remarkable journey from humble beginnings, being born in a condemned hospital. Throughout his life, in both his musical and corporate careers, he has embraced challenging transformations and trials, defying standard conventions and stereotypes all along the way.


Bill Abernathy's music has resonated profoundly with fans worldwide, garnering millions of global streams. His expressive voice, exceptional songwriting, and storytelling abilities have forged a lasting bond with listeners, establishing him as a beloved artist among music enthusiasts across the globe.


If you haven't yet joined the Abernathy fan club, now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in his musical world.


Stay tuned for "MORE" as we follow Bill Abernathy's music journey, witnessing the power of change and resilience resonating through every note he plays.


Gordon Thomas Ward

Whispers From The Woods

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Gordon Thomas Ward, an extraordinary and accomplished songwriter, has created his fourth album, which is poised to surpass even his previous, charting albums with its masterful blend of artistry and insight. Composed entirely at his cottage on the coast of Maine and recorded with some of the most notable musicians in the business, Gordon’s adeptness as a storyteller, insightful lyrics, and variety of styles are on full display and will take listeners on a journey filled with honesty, imagery, and emotion that they’ll want to repeat time and time again.

John McDonald Feat. Mark Maxwell

Touched By The Blues

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John McDonald has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the blues, it's history, the styles, players and most of all the passion he exudes on this recording is very evident. Coupled with that he has surrounded himself with top class musicians, Mark Maxwell in particular has had an immense influence on the playing and recording of this release.


More than a tribute album, 'Touched By The Blues', is a love letter to the music and artists that John holds dear to his heart and is highly recommended listening.

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