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October 16th 2020

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band

The Ballad Of Albert Johnson

Albert Johnson Cover.jpg

The Ballad of Albert Johnson - the long awaited follow up to the award winning Cigar Store album. Over 50 minutes of new Blues classics, stomping swamp boogies, classic R&B, Acadian swing, Memphis soul, and cutting edge barn burners. The Smoke Wagon Blues Band continue their legacy with tales of triumph and misadventure from New Orleans  to the Yukon. This album will get you on your feet and remind you of a time when legends were celebrated through music and story-telling. 

October 9th 2020

Jim Stanard

Jim Stanard_COTL_frontcover copy.jpg

Color Outside The Lines

Color Outside The Lines once again showcases the troubadour's distinctive song craft, vivid storytelling and unmistakably authentic voice - the same qualities that made listeners and critics take notice of his acclaimed 2018 debut Bucket List. Country Jukebox (Germany) called him " intelligent, profound, sometimes thoughtful and humorous observer..." and that vein has only deepened. "I think the main thing that any artist has to offer is his own perspective", states singer-songwriter Jim Stanard. "My songs are about how I see people and how I see the world. I think that's the most important thing an artist can communicate."


October 1st 2020

Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt

Shadow Of The Cyclone


October 1st is the release date for 'Shadow Of The Cyclone' by Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt.

This collection of songs is a journey through the dark times in which we live, reflected back with perspective, understanding, even humor and beauty.


This is the guitar-cello duo’s most intricate work yet, with a sound both familiar and new.


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