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July 23rd 2021

Tedi Brunetti

The Queen Of Pittsburg

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To say Tedi Brunetti has “seen everything” during her career in music would be a vast understatement. The drummer, singer and songwriter from Pittsburgh grew up listening to songs on a transistor radio while banging away on a hamper and old hat boxes. Describing herself as a “sober Janis Joplin meeting Steely Dan in Memphis,” it wasn’t long before Tedi was touring with New York City’s The Impalas, Toronto’s infamous B-Girls and performing with Isis’ Carol MacDonald before finally deciding to launch her solo career. 


July 16th 2021

Ajay Srivastav



just wanted to say my thing,” says Ajay Srivastav, of the motivation behind his fiery, spiritual and sublime second album, “Powerless”.


“I was tired of listening to other people talking – I want to speak, and this is what I have to say. And I hope people understand where I’m coming from.” 

His message arrives in the form of ten powerful, soulful, stirring songs that are the product of a crossfire hurricane of influences, drawing equally from the Mississippi Delta that sired the blues and the Varanasi Ghats where prayers, birth-rites and coming-of-age ceremonies are performed beside the Ganges.

July 9th 2021

Brandon Isaak

Modern Primitive


Brandon Isaak is an authentic, heart felt roots and blues songster who always delivers the goods. Be it as his one-man band, his dynamic duo, his hard-hitting trio or even his five piece Saints of Swing all-star group.