Craig Moreau

Label: Independent
Album: A Different Kind Of Train
Tracks : 10
Website: Craig Moreau



A Different Kind of Train by Craig Moreau


A Different Kind of Train is the latest album from Calgary based songwriter Craig Moreau. Co-produced by Mark Hallman and Leeroy Stagger, it is an album filled with the joy and sorrow that only the best Country music can engender.

With the exception of a fine cover of Jean Ritchie’s The L & N Don’t Stop Here Anymore, the songs are all penned by Craig and his gritty yet warm vocals complement the song-writing flawlessly.

The songs range from the Bluesy feel of Old Man and the Fiver to the straight up Country of The Muse or the heartfelt Missing You in Texas where Craig sings “Holding on with both hands, every inch feels like a mile; No, I haven’t seen the sunshine in a while” 

Another Fence to Mend is another song filled with melancholy and remorse over a lost love while Thirsty Soul is an up-tempo number driven along by some great drumming and it tells the tale of a life lived to the full. The great songs keep coming as the album rolls along and the quality never drops. The title track A Different Kind of Train Song is a particularly fine piece of music.

After a successful stint as a Nashville songwriter, Craig decided his songs were best presented in his own voice. This album is the ultimate proof of the wisdom of that decision. Every song tells a tale and each one is layered with fine musicianship to back up the impressive vocals. The CD is also beautifully presented with some fine Steve Coffey cover artwork. In short, if it is quality Country music you are looking for, this album deserves a place in your collection.


Hughie McNeill