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The voice gets you right from the start, it's unmistakeable, rich, deep and textured and there is a whole lot of soul being poured into each word of every song.  

Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC this fabulous ensemble are a band on the up and are captivating audiences all over North America with their unique sound and Alexis' booming voice. The band artfully blend their sound between blues, roots, gospel, soul and a little rock n roll.

Alexis P. Suter started out in music at a young age having been born into a talented family, her mother sang in her younger days with Mahalia Jackson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Thomas Dorsey and other notable Gospel greats, and very fittingly the last track on the album, ' Just Got Off That (Devil's Train) ' features Alexis' Mom, Carrie Suter, singing with Alexis backing her up.

The album excels from start to finish ' Be Love ' is the title track and it's message is something Alexis takes to her large fan base at every performance,  be Love, be kind to one another, and the message is even when we have an off day, as we are all human, we should all try to practice that, to be that and to become that, to show love to someone in some way at any chance one gets, the album encompasses the band's love for each other and each others work, it has amazing energy that shines through in Be Love.

All of the tracks on this album have real life meaning and two stand out tracks for me are ' Empty Promises '  which could be about anyone's life at any given time, when people make promises sincerely yet fail to carry through  with them, I think everyone can relate to that situation., and again it stays real all the way through to ' Sick and Tired Blues ' a song about relationships that are good for a while, when you give someone chance after chance and their comes a point where you get sick and tired, it's raw dirty electric blues with a live in your face feel.

I get a loving feeling running through me every time I press play on this release, it has authenticity, it has soul and it has love, from blues n roots, funky blues all the way to psychedelic soul and blues rock, theres a whole lot of fabulous music contained within  and a whole bunch of talented people who have contributed, they should all be very proud of their accomplishment.

If the Alexis P. Suter Band are coming to a venue near you I'd highly recommend getting along and sharing the love,  you should have this album in your collection, feel the love and Be Love !

Visit Alexis P. Suter's website

Author: Stevie Connor

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