To emphasise further, the poet chipped in again, "This attention span thing has me thinking, why do people have an attention span that allows them to binge watch a complete series of "Vikings" or give up a day to Lord Of The Rings, but no longer be able to give up forty five minutes to listen to an entire album from start to finish? People will give up an hour to watch the first episode of a new series and if the enjoy the majority of a story arc, still buy the box set, bad bits and all, so why not music? 

I tried to help the musician out, we both looked at each other and struggled to find an answer. In the end I broke the deadlock and went to get the next round, but if you have any thoughts, I would be seriously interested in hearing them. 

The pictures I've thrown around in this article are albums that I recommend you listen to from start to finish, links below. Also below the link to the Fatea 30th Birthday Bash, be great to see you there.