By Ken Wallis


Every once in a while, you stumble upon a gem.  A reading gem that just sparkles with creativity, humour, and downright honesty about the inside goings-on of the music industry.

And even better, it’s as Canadian as slurpin maple syrup on pancakes while watching a hockey game ‘cause it’s just too damn cold to venture outside.

Best Seat In the House : My Life With the Jeff Healey Band is a book you just have to read.

The author is Tom Stephen, drummer and co-manager of the Jeff Healey Band who was with the band for 15 years.

The book unabashedly digs deep to tell the tale of what it was like to tour the world as the Jeff Healey Band – from the ups and downs; to the wild parties; the booze and drugs and the girls; the fun times and the bad times.  The book zeroes in on an iconic blind guitarist who once  insisted on driving the tour van cause Jeff never really accepted he had a limiting handicap.

This book is not an enshrinement of Jeff Healey.  And it’s not “a tell all’ book about the foibles of a music icon.  It’s an honest, down-to-earth description of who Jeff Healey was.  No B.S. No hype. Just telling it like it was.

Along the way you’ll meet a who’s who of the music industry – from agents, promoters to some of the top musicians ; BB King, Mark Knoppfler. Billy F Gibbons, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, George Harrison.  Albert Collins, Chuck Berry.    But wait there’s more – a visit to the White House with Bill Clinton and an audience with the Queen.

From the bars of Toronto to the large venues around the world, The Best Seat in The House keeps you amused and makes you oh so wish you could’ve had a few minutes with this band of vagabonds.

And why write this book?  In Tom’s own words during a radio interview with him he said Jeff deserved to be in the rock n roll hall of fame.  This book puts Jeff squarely in the sights of the hall.

Get a taste of what the book is all about by watching See The Light – The Jeff Healey Band Documentary.

And then settle into the best seat in your house to enjoy a wild ride of joy, heartache, and life in the fast lane of the music world.