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Blues & Roots Radio reaches every corner of the world and that amazes me still. I was reminded just the other day that we started on this music journey in Canada nine years ago on December 1st 2009, there was a link to an interview I had been asked to do two years ago, the radio host, Michael Williams whose show is The Teller and the Tale, wanted to know my story and that of the station, I outlined our vision, and two years down the line I am proud to say we have stuck to that, if anything, we have increased what we truly thought was possible.

It always seems impossible until it's done. - Nelson Mandela

Here is a link to the interview if you are interested in the story of where it all started, just click the image.

Blues & Roots Radio was designed to work like a digital radio where the world is your tuning dial.


As you turn it on, drifting between borders, over cities and towns, it crackles and tunes into shows from your area of the world.



Broadcasting from the station HQ just outside Toronto in Mississauga,  you can find exclusive shows out of Canada from west to east, travel through various cities in the USA, shows in the UK from north to south, in Europe you can visit Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, and slowly head on down to Australia with hosts coming out of Victoria and New South Wales, each time you tune in to  a show on the schedule you'll discover what's happening in that particular scene, who the independent artists are to look out for and where they'll be playing.

There’s something amazing about going around the world and listening to various scenes, on our platform you get glimpses of different countries, cities and regions from Vancouver to Toronto and Halifax, London, Glasgow, Manchester, Rome, Melbourne and everywhere in between.

Tuning in to the Blues & Roots Radio world is like getting into a cab at the airport after arriving at your destination, in each city  the driver has the local station on, it’s that initial moment of cultural discovery, one of the first when you leave the airport, that helps you begin to understand where you are, our hosts know their scenes intimately and you are the passenger making the discovery of new artists, music, venues, festivals, record labels and much more. 

On top of our fifty radio shows, Blues & Roots Radio also provides collections of archived shows, album reviews, blogs and along with our strategically placed media partners you get to find out about the myriad of genres we play around the clock.

For instance we have fifteen radio shows on the network that come out of Canada, the array of genres they cover is amazing, we have shows based in and airing music out of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, with speciality shows bringing music from across the Maritimes, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary and Vancouver. 

In the UK there are seventeen shows from as far north as the Isle of Lewis, down into the central belt of Scotland, the north and the midlands in England, London and the south coast, with a show based in and covering music coming out of Wales. 

In Europe we have top notch  shows in  Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy and if you head on down to the southern hemisphere we have shows bringing music from all over Australia including one which specializes in live events, in 2019 it will be bringing live interviews from the Port Fairy Folk Festival, another facet to what Blues & Roots Radio offers. 

Check it out at the link


That's a lot of scenes and you don't have to move from our platform.

Here is a full list of shows currently on our network 

Just click the image

As you  listen to our shows from around the world,  it's a reminder of how online radio is able to engage us in a way no other medium can, with so many distractions happening across the globe, we offer an alternative. Switch off the TV, log in to our platform, close your eyes and listen, you can now hear the world,  the Blues & Roots Radio world .... welcome !

Tune in to my radio show each week and I'll keep you up to date with what we have going on at the station. Under The Radar Radio Show features many Canadian and international artists each week from Roots and Blues to Folk, Americana, Celtic, bluegrass and everything in between. It airs on a Thursday at 10pm ET, Sunday 9am ET and again on a Wednesday at 7am ET on the Essential Channel.

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