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Singer Songwriter Kae Shelby is originally from Sudbury, now based in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Music and Motorcycles is a blend of southern rock infused Canadiana, folk and roots that will reach in, touch your soul, and bring it all the way back home to you if that's what you need. Every song has a season and every song has a reason, this amazing release captures that in the ballads and the upbeats.

The powerful songs reflect a journey of healing, without that journey we would never have discovered what Kae is capable of, she has turned a corner in her life and the path she is travelling shines bright. With a formidable young producer by the name of Anders Drerup of Row Row Records, songs crafted with Ottawa singer-songwriter North Easton, and a contribution’s by Canadian country music star Kelly Prescott on backing vocals you’ll get an idea of the quality that has been captured on this recording. Kae Shelby has discovered in all of the pain it took to get to where she is, it was worth it for the pleasure that beats in her heart. 

Kae remembers listening to the stereo in the living room, singing along to anyone from Anne Murray to REO Speedwagon and Burton Cummings, the feel of the vibrato in her body, finding her heart; led her to know that music was, is and always will be her first love. From that moment, she knew, she would grow up and become a recording artist. Her cultural conditioning had other plans and in spite of paying her own way through vocal lessons, she succumbed to finding a profession and spent the majority of her career as a Police Officer, retiring early to start her own consulting business. The passion for singing and song writing never left Kae, she is hungry and equally passionate about her recording career and it all comes flowing out in Music and Motorcycles. It’s an inspirational story and an equally inspirational album.

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