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ORIAN - What Pulls You

The third in a string of new releases from alternative Irish songwriter ORIAN (Joey Ryan),
‘What Pulls You’ is an introspective ode to loved ones and self.

It follows ‘Grateful’, a poignant track about letting those close to you in. On the new single, ORIAN tackles the darkness of inner battles and how much better they’re dealt with together. ORIAN’s characteristic pop-infused guitar melodies pepper the verses as the song slow-builds, each chorus gaining more and more traction, emotionally and sonically.

Produced by long-term collaborator ANDOR and mastered by Ainsley Adams, pristine and ethereal vocal layers create an ambience that ebbs and crashes throughout the track. Its sentiment revolves around opening up, with an ‘It’s OK not to be OK’ mantra – one that Joey didn’t know he needed to vocalise until it was written.

He penned the track in reference to the ways in which school, and toxic notions of masculinity drum in the need to put on a brave face from a very early age, and how dangerous this can be. ‘What Pulls You’ is accompanied by a moving music video that drives home the importance of individual expression and collective support. Directed by Nick Scholey.


Written by: Joseph Francis Ryan, Will Czuch

Produced by: ANDOR

Mixing: Roman Andor

Mastering: Ainsley Adams

Video by Fruit Salat

Directed and Edited by: Nick Scholey

Produced by: Merle Sibbel

Actors: Luke Hawkins and Mark Hunt

Concept: Merle Sibbel, Nick Scholey and Mark Hunt


Anne Connor presents from February 26th 'Honey & Dirt' the latest album released by Karen Barr and the Tenders.


Karen Barr is a folk-inspired artist from Illinois, USA whose songwriting is diverse and dynamic. On her latest record Honey and Dirt, she is at times playful, at times raw and vulnerable, always real. 

We hope you can listen in, the show airs at various times throughout the week ( See Schedule )

You can listen to this show the previous two shows as a listen on demand from the link below.


Richard Lynch hay 2.jpg

Karen Barr and the Tenders

Honey & Dirt

From February 26th 2021

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Richard Lynch

My Guitar Drips Country

From January 29th 2021

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cover Steve Jinski - Hope Street.jpg

Steve Jinski

Hope Street

From February 12th 2021

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Aspen Jacobsen - Georgia Boy

As a young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Aspen Jacobsen aspires to emotionally touch people through her lyrics and soulful voice. Her music has been described as Folk-pop, Alternative Country and Americana. 

Georgia Boy - Aspen Jacobsen
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