Koerner Hall, February 3rd, 2020


Canada’s National Blues Awards Program - Promoting blues music across Canada, and recognizing outstanding achievement in the field.

Nominees for the Maple Blues Awards are selected by a distinguished panel of some 62 blues experts. Co-Chaired by the steering committee consisting of John Valenteyn, Yanick Theriault, Terry Parsons, and Brant Zwicker, the panel includes radio hosts, journalists, and festival organizers regionally distributed across Canada. Members of the Nominating Panel are not eligible for any of the awards. This year Toronto Blues Society has a Musician Advisory Committee commenting on the submitted from the nominating panel as well.

Winners in instrumental categories — guitar, harmonica, piano/keyboards, horn, drum, and bass — will be determined by the Nominating Panel. Winners in all other categories will be selected by blues fans across the country.


A number of Blues and Roots Radio hosts are on the Maple Blues Awards nomination panel, you can listen in to their shows from across Canada each week on the lead up to the awards to hear features on this years nominated artists. ( see radio show schedule )

Blind Lemon Blues - Terry Parsons ( St. Johns, Newfoundland ) 

Blue Remedy - Dr. Julie Hill ( Toronto, Canada )

Under The Radar - Stevie Connor ( Mississauga, Ontario )

Blues Source Canada - Ken Wallis ( Hamilton, Ontario ) 

The Blues Witness - Cindy McLeod ( Calgary, Alberta ) 

The Rockin' Blues Show - Brent Morrison ( Vancouver, British Columbia )

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