Paul Brett

Label: Independent
Album: Vintage Folk Songs
Tracks : 6
Website: Paul Brett



Paul Brett is rated as one of the best 12 string acoustic guitarists in the world. 


He was a top session guitarist in the 1960’s & 70’s, having been in demand with a wide variety of artists. His first 12 string guitar suite ' Earth Birth ' was critically acclaimed.  He played professionally from the age of 16 years old playing with many big name groups and was one of the top UK electric guitar session players in the 1960's having played on many hit records at the time. After being introduced to 12 string guitar in the early 1970's and hearing UK pioneers of the day play in folk clubs, he caught the bug developing his own style.

This collection contains original compositions and poetry that has been set to music. The EP starts out with ' The Banks Of Allan Water ' a poem by M.G. Lewis which Paul has set to music, it's been presented in an original folk way using his signature Vintage Viator travel guitar as the tapestry, the story is a familiar one in the traditional world of a Miller's daughter who is wooed, misled and then eventually betrayed by a soldier, sadly, she takes her own life on the banks of Allan water. 

Another stand out track on the EP is a poem set to music called ' The Old Man's Getting Older ' , Paul found the poem in a mid 1800's book called ' Songs Of The Wye and Poems By Wioni ', it's a beautiful piece and one which makes you contemplate the process of ageing. 

' Heather Dancing ' is an original composition, a  Celtic influenced instrumental, it showcases Paul's amazing dexterity, playing with great poise and feeling, the intricate tripling's and runs are executed impeccably proving what a master of this instrument he truly is.

Throughout the EP Paul is playing a signature  Vintage Viator travel guitar, Viator derives from the latin word meaning traveller and was taken from the poem ' The Complete Angler ' by Izaak Walton, two of the songs on the recording are poems from the book, ' Spring ' by John Chalkhill and ' Virtue ' by Welsh poet George Herbert,  the arrangements on these two tracks in particular are fabulous with string quartet, acoustic guitar and wind instruments all being added to great effect. 

' The Tempest ' is a poem by Charles Cotton and tells the tale of a ship in distress, finishing with a happy ending.

This  EP showcases the skill and talent that Paul has developed over the years of playing in many styles and genres, he demonstrates his mastery of the 12 string guitar, and not only that, his original compositions are excellent his arrangements and settings of old poems have been done tastefully, with a reverence for the traditional settings, but most importantly have been given a whole new lease of life and new light shone on their subject matter.

This is the second in a series of releases which have me spellbound, I highly recommend acquainting yourself with this and the other recordings that Paul has released, it truly is a fascinating journey he is on.


Stevie Connor