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The Worlds Best Online Radio Platform For Independent Artists


50 Radio Shows From Around The World Playing Roots, Blues,

Contemporary Folk, Celtic, Bluegrass, Americana and more 24/7


The Worlds Best Online Radio Platform For Independent Artists


50 Radio Shows From Around The World Playing Roots, Blues,

Contemporary Folk, Celtic, Bluegrass, Americana and more 24/7

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Radio Shows are scheduled weekly with at least one repeat in a differing time zone, most of the shows are exclusive to our network, many of the presenters archive their shows on mixcloud or similar archives, a quick Google search will help you find their chosen platforms, a small number of our hosts can not be found on social media or websites, they choose to concentrate on presenting.

A full list of radio shows are at the bottom of this page with country of origin in alphabetical order. 




A World Of Difference - Roger Williams presents Folk, Roots and Acoustic Music ( England )

Acoustic Accents - Bud Johnson presents Folk, Roots and Acoustic music from Alaska and beyond ( USA )

Acouctic Roots Rome - Francesca Fabris presents celtic, Folk, Roots and Americana  ( Italy ) **LIVE SHOW

Acoustic Routes  - David Chamberlain presents Acoustic Folk, Roots and more ( Wales ) 

Album of the Week - Anne Connor Presents albums from around the world ( Global ) 

Along The Tracks - Latest from the Fatea Magazine studio with Neil King ( England ) 

Blues and Roots Connections - Paul Long presents Blues, Roots, Soul and more ( England ) 

Bluesbeat - Geoff Pegler presents Australian and international Blues ( Australia ) 

Blues Source Canada - Ken Wallis presents Canadian Blues ( Canada ) 

Blues Source International - Ken Wallis presents the best in International Blues ( Canada )

The Rockin' Blues Show -  Brent Morrison presents the rockier side of the blues from Canada and beyond ( Canada )

Celticset - Calum MacDonald brings the best of Celtic, Folk and Roots from Scotland and beyond ( Scotland )

Celtic Starfish - David Dee Moore presents Celtic music from around the world ( Ireland )

Celtic Tapestry - Stevie Lawrence presents Celtic, Folk, Roots. Alt Country and more ( Scotland ) 

Corby's Orbit - Paul Corby presents latest releases and live interviews with independent artists in Toronto  ( Canada )

Dutch Blues Radio - Gerda Roos presents International Blues ( The Netherlands )

Featured Artists - Blues & Roots Radio Daily Featured Artists ( Global ) 

Folk and Blues Show - Richard Harris plays the more obscure to the lesser well known ( England )

Folkal Point - Colin MacDonald presents contemporary folk, indie rock and more ( Northern Ireland )

Folkcetera - Les Siemieniuk presents folk, roots and more from Canada and beyond ( Canada ) 

Georgian Bay Roots - Jon Farmer and Team play Roots music from the Grey / Bruce peninsula and beyond ( Canada )

HeartBeatTrue Radio - Ken Stearns presents wide open Country ( USA ) 

Here Comes The Rain - Neil Mitchell presents a variety of independent artists from Australia and beyond ( Australia )

Good 'n' Greasy - Stu Vincent presents Bluesgrass, Alt-Country, Blues and more ( England ) 

Jazz 628 - Gemma Nelson presents Jazz, Funk and Soul music ( England )

Jocks Celtic Calamity - Alan Hossack presents Celtic, Folk & Roots ( Australia ) 

Kitchen Party Ceilidh - Dave Bagdade presents the best in Contemporary and Traditional Celtic Music ( USA )

La Croisiere Folk - Eric Cooper presents Folk music in all it's facets ( Belgium )

Liz Franklin's Folk Garden - Liz presents Folk, Roots and Acoustic music ( England ) 

Last Night In Town - Nathan Seeckts presents Alt-Country, Americana, Twang, County and Roots music ( Australia )

Neil & Andy LIVE from Melbourne  - Neil Mitchell & Andy Woodworth present Roots, Folk, Celtic Rock and more ( Australia )

Northern Sky Vaults - Allan Wilkinson presents music from the Northern Sky Magazine studio ( England ) 

One Guitar - Peter Neri presents all instrumental guitar tracks ( USA )

Power Folk - Artie Martello presents Folk, Roots and Acoustic music ( USA )   

Strummers & Dreamers - Les Ray presents Folk and Roots music from local and touring musicians ( England )

Roots & Fusion LIVE - Rick Stuart presents a live Roots, Blues and World music show ( England ) **LIVE SHOW

Spirit & Roots - Dan Raza presents music and chat with singer, songwriters from around the world ( England )

Stories & Songs - Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby recall backstage stories and play music related ( Northern Ireland )

TIAMS - Michael Park presents international Americana music ( USA )

Teller & The Tale - Michael Williams presents the art of Storytelling ( Scotland / Canada ) 

The Acoustic Yard - David Dee Moore presents Singer / Songwriters from Ireland and beyond ( Ireland ) 

The Blues Show - Chris Kirkham presents international Blues ( England ) 

The Blues Witness - Cindy McLeod presents Blues from Canada and beyond ( Canada ) 

The Eastern Passage - Craig Mills presents East Coast Canadian contemporary folk music ( Canada ) 

The Getherin' - Karin Ingram presents Celtic, Scottish Traditional, Singer / Songwriters ( Scotland )

The lovecast - Dave O Rama presents Blues, Roots, World, Folk, Hip Hop and more ( Canada )

The Lost Highway - Craig Mills presents Americana, Roots and Alt Country ( Canada ) 

The Readifolk Radio Show - Ian Freedman presents Folk, Roots and Acoustic music ( England ) 

Under The Radar - Stevie Connor presents Roots, Folk, Celtic, Blues and more ( Canada ) 

​Wednesday's Even Worse - Ian McKenzie presents international Blues ( England ) 

Welsh Connections - Mike Kennedy presents the best in independent artists from Wales ( Wales )