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RPR are a Canadian Roots / Folk / Rock band based in Ontario, Canada known for their engaging live shows. This is the second release from the band that consists of brothers Steve and Rob Ritchie, Al Parrish and Beaker Granger, ' Trans Atlantic ' was released in 2013 and ' Longview ' cements the bands solid reputation for fabulous songwriting, harmonizing and overall stellar arrangements. RPR are abundantly blessed with all members of the band making equal contributions to this recording.

Storytelling through song is a fine art to get right, ' Longview ' is like a finely crafted sculpture, great care has been taken to make the end product replicate what you experience from the band live, those soaring vocals, the harmonies which are unparalleled and the story through song is quite beautiful, what also springs out is that the band are having fun, you can see their smiles, hear it in the voices, it's a joyous thing. Of note is the detail they went to recording the harmonies, each vocal was tracked as a single take whilst the other members of the band harmonized to give the band member being recorded the live feel, they replicated that process for all the harmonies, a lot of work and attention to detail, but they sure nailed it. 


Each song is like a chapter in a book that are about experiences that each member has had and wants to relate to us, they brought their thoughts into the studio and have gone through every verse, chorus and reprise until they all felt that each song was just right. They have amazing agility in the performances that these tracks capture in the way that they let the songs breathe, rising and falling from loud crescendos to a whisper at times in just the right places, the entire album is like an opera unfolding, taking us on an incredible journey of Hoodoos, bones, shopkeepers, drunk sharks, stick-figure families, crop-dusting, gratitude, tragedy, fire, guns, hurricane and I'm sure I'll have to listen again to catch some I may have missed, and that will be a pleasure to do, I have not smiled as much listening to a full album, 

RPR are the real deal, they sing about current issues, about people they have met along the way, about situations that have inspired them and I can see why they have such a loyal  and growing fan base in Canada, the USA and Europe., ' Longview ' is definitely an incredible body of work.

I guarantee once you've heard this album that you'll want to go and see them live, and I highly recommend doing so, I'm sure the guys will be very happy to sign your copy for you, be prepared to be thoroughly entertained, ..... and .... oh yes, be prepared to smile and be happy, RPR are infectious, so is ' Longview ' !

I have to add too that the track ' Tear Down This Wall ' which closes out the recording has a very neat surprise, the backing choir consists of some very well known names such as James Keelaghan, David Newland, Tara Mhic Coinnigh, members of ' Artisan ' , Ann Marie Roland, and more amazing vocalists from Canada, the USA and the UK, quite the ensemble to finish off a spectacular album.

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Author: Stevie Connor

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