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Puff Bunny Records are an amazing source of music based in Texas,  their mission is to capture one of a kind performances in time, either from live onstage performances in front of an audience or in a studio environment; to preserve and make them available to the public. Taylor Pie ( Puff Bunny Records ) co-produced this recording with the amazing Ruby Lovett. 

Ruby Lovett is the essence of country music, steeped in the tradition, she came from a poor background but her family always managed to make ends meet, her parents adopted Ruby when she was days old and nurtured her interest in music in her formative years, first by arranging for guitar and piano lessons, and when she was around 13, she formed a country band and performed on a stage her parents had built in a building where they used to operate a general store. They had quickly come to share her dream of making a life out of music. Ruby's fans include Garth Brooks who once famously said " For the people that say country' is what's missing from today's country music, find Ruby Lovett. "

Ruby Lovett was given solid advice on songwriting by a Nashville songwriter friend, he told her to write about what she knows and what she feels, and Lovett has done just that, it's certainly given this release an unequalled authenticity, and the fact that the authenticity is attached to such a beautiful voice makes for a one of a kind performance just like Puff Bunny Records promised in their mission statement. 

The first, and title track, is a beautiful rendition of a Nanci Griffith song ' It's A Hard Life ' and sets the standard for what's to come with wonderful arrangements and the delivery by Lovett is exceptional and heartfelt, it's a song she says has relevance and should be heard today, even though it was written a long time ago.  

There are a couple of outstanding co-writes with Taylor Pie ( who co-produced the album ) sprinkled throughout the recording, ' A Father's Love ' a tribute to a parent who encouraged and nurtured, and ' Straight From My Heart ' another beautiful song. Added to the mix is a track by the Nashville songwriter who gave a young Ruby Lovett the advice regarding writing  about what she knows, ' Home Sweet Honky Tonk ' could be one of my favourites on this album, it's exquisite and Lovett delivers it so well, a quite brilliant track written by the aforementioned  Nashville songwriterJim Rushing who co-wrote it with Carl Jackson.  

From start to finish this recording has class stamped all over it, from the songwriting and musicianship to the production, whether you are a dyed in the wool country music fan or someone who just loves to listen to storytelling through song, ' It's A Hard Life ' is packed full of top notch ear worms and will have you wanting to get more

acquainted with Ruby Lovett and her music. 


Visit Ruby Lovett's website

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