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Run To Me is an album Samantha Martin has wanted to create from as far back as 2012, she has yearned for the sound that has been in her head for that long, through highs and lows, experiencing periods of self doubt that many musicians, at some point in their career, must have had, Martin has steadfastly remained on a course maintaining the vision she saw as her end goal, it's been a remarkable journey. I'm sure at times she has considered using her business degree to bring in a steady pay cheque with a government job, but that would not be roots and roll, now would it ?

This album is set to launch her into another stratosphere with an eleven piece band containing some of the finest musicians and singers that Ontario has to offer. Martin has been Chasing Dreams up and down highways the length and breadth of Canada demonstrating the fearlessness and determination needed to make it in this demanding world of music. ' Chasing Dreams ' just happens to be the title of one of the best tracks on the release, written in Nashville at a time of self doubt and loneliness, it really captures the emotions of someone who chooses a career in music. Martin had been writing with Colin Linden and after returning to her accommodation for the evening, feeling lonely and wondering whether the journey was all worth it, whether the person looking back in the mirror was the same person who started the long road all those years ago and contemplating whether the reward was worth the risk, the song encapsulates the loss of parts of herself because of the need to be a businesswoman,  the worry of not having the steady income, the loss at times of some of the fun side of herself that she saw slipping away, but also realizing, when the breaks come, it is an elation that makes it all worthwhile, quite an amazing story all rolled into three minutes and forty one seconds.

When you write twenty five songs for an album and have to pick ten you have a challenge on your hands, when you mention that contained within the twenty five songs are ten written by Samantha Martin, a couple of co-writes with Colin Linden ( Blackie & The Rodeo Kings ), Suzie Vinnick and you have a further five written by Curtis Chaffey, then that challenge just got a whole lot bigger, Martin handed all 25 songs to her producer, Darcy Yates,  and asked him to pick, what he came up with was his incredible vision of where he saw the journey going and by cohesively blending the tracks into this mind blowing collection of Soul tinged, R&B fused, Stax fuelled songs on steroids, with contemporary influences such as Nathaniel Ratliff, Leon Bridges and Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, it's a potent mix of inspiration boiling to the brim.

What tracks should I mention ? well, all of them if I was to be honest,'  Good Trouble ' ( Suzie Vinnick co-write ) is an amazing song with a very emotional true story background, Martin  was attending a music conference and heard shots ring out in the car park, a drive-by shooting had just occurred and whilst everyone else ran the other way, Martin went straight to the victims and preceded to save someone's life, Suzie Vinnick was there too and witnessed the courage, she felt that anyone who runs toward gunshots has some strength and bravery inside them that needed to be written about, the song is magnificent proving what a combination these two songwriters are, Vinnick contributed a fantastic co-write cut ( spookily called ' Don't Shoot ' ) on Martin's previous release.

I have watched Samantha Martin's rise with interest, I have always been a fan, I have seen her kick it up a level every couple of years as she has strived towards this release, but even I was not prepared for the power that is contained within these ten tracks, she has a baseball bat of a band and she is Just about to hit you and I, and anyone else that listens out of the ball park when it's released on April 27th.

Keyboards, Horn section, two guitars, co singers - who nail it every time - and, one sassy powerhouse of a front lady, Samantha Martin has just declared  a solid claim to being one of Canada's premiere performers with this release, I say this because, what you see ( and hear ) on the tin is what's delivered at a live performance, trust me, I have witnessed the force that is Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar, they are badass good !

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Author: Stevie Connor 

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