By Ken Wallis

Continuing a look at this year’s Tim Horton’s Southside Shuffle

Saturday – Day Two 

The Weber Brothers 

They’re billed as the baddest band in the land and they live up to their billing.  Ryan and Sam Weber were part of Ronnie Hawkins’ band, the Hawks and the band also includes Emily Burgess.

Cheryl Lescom and the Tucson Choir Boys

Cheryl knows how to get an audience going and she delivers every time.  Plus, she looks great – she’s found the fountain of youth!

And the Tucson Choir Boys are the perfect complement for her.

Al Lerman

An annual favourite at the Shuffle, Al lays down the blues in such a smooth manner that you really can’t believe your ears.


Two-time Juno award winners, including last year’s winning album Time To Roll.  Their music can knock you on your butt in no time with Steve Marriner and the gang.

And to further prove the blues connection, the Emcee for the day was Larry Kurtz, Founder and Artistic Director of the Orangeville Blues Festival.

Rita Chiarelli

Hamilton’s own.   She has more awards than I can keep track of, and with her new band Sweet Loretta, there’s gonna be more in the future

Coco Montoya 

He was taught by Albert Collins and played with John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, so you know what expertise he brings to the stage.  A masterful performance.

Steve Strongman

We’re seeing a trend here - another Hamiltonian with a Juno award.   He continues to amaze blues fans wherever he performs.  

Oh, and by the way, he’s put together a Hamiltonian super group of blues artists for Hamilton’s Supercrawl on Sunday Sept 16 at 3:45.  It’s the Hamilton Blues All-Stars with Steve and Rita Chiarelli, Harrison Kennedy, Jesse O'Brien, Alfie Smith, Tim Gibbons, Trickbag, Brant Parker.  Should I simply say WOW!

 Angel Forrest

Speaking of awards, Angel has a closet full.  She’s been selected as female vocalist five times in a row by the Maple Blues Awards and listening to her at the Southside, she could be in line for a sixth.

And when you have Denis Coulombe

And Ricky Paquette joining in, it’s a blues spectacular you have to experience.

Sunday – Day Three and the Wrap Up

Maria Aurigema

From Buffalo, it’s the first time I’ve seen her, but she’s one heck of a nice person

Cameo Blues Band

This Toronto-based blues band was originally formed in 1978 and as the years roll by, these guys just get better.  When you see them, make sure you bring your dancin’ shoes

Junior Jam

A real credit for Southside for featuring up and coming talent under the marvellous direction of Mark the Bird Stafford

Krista Blondin’s Tribute to Janis Joplin

Janis has been gone a long time but Krista keeps her memory alive with a rousing performance as Janis that makes you feel Janis would approve.

Raoul and the Big Time

Raoul does it all – sings, writes, plays a wicked harmonica, straps on a guitar – you name it.  He brings back some of the golden days of Chicago blues with remarkable clarity.  A classic performer.

Sue Foley Band

She’s the Ice Queen but let me tell you she can melt you down as she plays the blues with tenacity and down right soul

Spencer MacKenzie

I’ve followed Spencer from the beginning.  I was fortunate to conduct his first ever radio interview.   And as I always say “He may be young, but he plays like a veteran.”  He just seems to get better every time I see him.


They’re billed as the legendary band and you better believe it.  The Blues Brothers movie was based on these guys and their music is top notch.  Downchild features Donny Walsh on guitar,