Variety Is The Spice

We are in a period of releases and conferences and ... Christmas albums ! Don't worry I'm not going to review the festive stuff just yet, I never do anything in that respect until after November 11th, once I've paid my respects to veterans ( my Dad and Brother were in the services ) I am ready to think about Crimbo.

I am way too busy to be thinking about that anyway, we have a couple of new shows being tee'd up to come on board the Blues and Roots Radio schedule and I can give a few details of what they are, where they are coming from and who will be presenting them.

Acoustic Roots Rome

The fabulous Francesca Fabris will be coming to us live from Rome, Italy in November

Francesca will present her show live from the Radio Kaos studio from 10pm ET,  5pm CET,  4pm GMT,  Noon AET weekly playing Celtic, Folk, Roots, Americana and more including live sessions. It's a thoroughly entertaining show.

Francesca is a songwriter ( guitarist and singer ) and music promoter. She has been working in the musical field for more than 20 years, both in performing and promoting .

As an award winning musician she has recorded three albums of her original music and songs and as a music promoter she has been working for a music magazine writing albums reviews and writing about some of the biggest international folk festivals ( Celtic Connections in Scotland, Forde Festival in Norway and more..)

She created, organized and managed the Rome Irish Festival for six years, with sessions, workshops and concerts in Rome and Tuscany, with the partnership of Culture Ireland, and the participation of the Irish Embassy in Rome .

Together with bringing some of the best folk acts from the international circuit with a selection of old and new music, the show invites musicians / songwriters to perform live from the studio.

I hope you can check it out, We will go live in November.

Blues Source International Expands

When Ken Wallis recently retired from his job as Associate Dean of Mohawk College, Entertainment and Media Department in Hamilton, Ontario, he might have thought that he'd have a few games of golf a week in the summer and fall, record his radio show ' Blues Blast ' which is a two hour extravaganza of Canadian blues, maybe wash the car, mow the lawn ... well .... no !

Ken was at the Mont Tremblant International Blues Festival this summer and heard so much great blues from artists  he couldn't play on his Canadian show, he decided to create a one hour show called Blues Source International.


Well, he has had so much feedback and response from artists and their teams that he has decided to expand what is currently a one hour show to a two hour format.

He might have to give up a round of golf per week but it's great news for blues music lovers from around the world seeking great new music on our platform, I am spending time with Ken this weekend so we'll discuss timing and make an announcement very soon.

Secret Squirrel ... Top Secret !

Michael Park is a man on a mission, he is currently working on a top secret project for Blues and Roots Radio !

Michael is the host of the popular show TIAMS ( The International Americana Music Show ) out of Brooklyn, New York which has quite the following around the world. His knowledge and experience of presenting and producing is extensive having worked for the BBC and LWT ( London Weekend Television ) in the past in the UK.

Michael is a Scottish broadcaster who moved to America over a decade ago. Since then, he has contributed to radio stations , written cover stories, interviews and features for numerous British newspapers and magazines, including the award-winning Sunday Times Magazine.


He has tried to "escape" from Alcatraz by swimming from the former prison to San Francisco, been heli-biking in Canada, to a prison rodeo in Louisiana, interviewed countless celebrities and sailed across the North Atlantic in winter. 

Having watched Blues and Roots Radio roll out live shows recently from around the world ( We have four at present, Francesca will make five ) Michael set about researching an idea he had, he came to us with the concept at the end of the summer and we'll be doing a couple of pilots within the next month or so with the show being set to go live in January !! 

What will the show be about !! ...


I am sworn to secrecy, if I reveal the content Michael has said he will fly to Toronto and go drinking with me for a week, two Scot's guys on the ' bevvy ' in Toronto for one week will not be pretty so I'll spare the downtown population that and will tell you as soon as I can reveal the details !


Secret squirrel stuff !

There are more shows coming very soon from the UK and Canada to the schedule, I'll be revealing news about those next week.


Why do we add shows when the schedule has forty already ? 

We used to have sixty on the schedule, we cut the shows that could be heard on multiple platforms and had no loyalty to Blues and Roots Radio and we've cultivated our own shows produced for the network, that's what we are adding back into the mix, it's been a two year plan and we are almost complete, who said I had no patience :) ?!

We have found from experience that variety is the spice, most of our shows have repeats on the schedule and can be found on platforms such as Mixcloud and similar, we always have terrific listening figures for the initial shows ( especially the live ones ), we get listeners tuning in to repeats but as soon as a show goes onto an archive we lose the audience. Since introducing exclusive and live shows to the network our audience figures have jumped up by 14%, that's quite a significant number to gain, and it just keeps growing, it would seem our audiences around the world like the mix and variety of shows, we are not just a blues platform nor are we an americana, folk or Celtic platform, what we are is a global resource to find every one of those genres and a few in between. Listeners stay on our website on average per session at least two and a half hours which means that most are  listening to more than one show per session. That is an amazing result for the artists as their music is being listened to by an audience who might not have listened to their music before.

We always have room for great shows on the schedule, sure it means moving the existing schedule around a little, we try and keep movements to the minimum but it's necessary to grow our audience, and it's working.

We Build Websites


On top of the radio shows there is much more that's keeping us busy at HQ, we have been, and are currently working with clients building websites, our varied workload over the last six years on platforms as complex as radio stations and telecommunication companies has given invaluable experience, viewing many thousands of artists websites in our research has also given us a unique perspective of what can work and what may not in the promotion of music and our clients profiles, it's an extremely enjoyable part of our work and one that our creative team take great pride in as we know it so well. 

The first consultation with our clients are free. we go over all details and aspects involved. If you are an artist who would like a website built for you or know of one, get them to drop us a line, insert ' website build enquiry ' into the subject line and it will go to the web team at 


International Song Competition


Entry is now open for songwriters / duo's and bands to submit a song into our competition categories,

the closing date for entries is December 31st 2018


The competition will be judged by a panel of jurors from the Blues and Roots Radio network from Canada, USA, UK and Australia, many of whom sit on provincial and national industry recognized award panels.


There are some great prizes and an award for the overall winner.


Four categories will be recognized and the winner from each will be considered for the overall award.


Find out more at the link here song-competition-2018

Dont't forget to tune in

My radio show ' Under The Radar ' airs every Wednesday at 7am Eastern Time, and on Sunday's at 9am Eastern Time

on the Essential channel on Blues and Roots Radio exclusively, I am giving up my Thursday night slot

to allow the live broadcast from Rome to happen.

I have introduced a twist to the format recently, instead of playing one track from different artists I am playing two tracks from current releases by artists from predominantly Canada, but also from around the world. 

I hope you can tune in. Here is this weeks playlist 

Colin James ( Canada )

Two tracks from ' Miles To Go '

The East Pointers ( Canada )

Two Tracks from ' What We Leave Behind '

Kelly and Woolley ( England ) 

Two tracks from ' Miner's Eyes  '

Glenn Skuthorpe ( Australia ) 

Two tracks from ' Wild Winds Of Dooga ' 

Thornetta Davis ( USA )

Two tracks from ' Honest Woman '

Zialand ( Norway )

Two tracks from ' Unbridled & Ablaze '

Claire Coupland ( Canada ) 

Two tracks from ' On The Other Side '

The show is researched, presented and produced by Stevie Connor in

' The Hoose ' recording studio ' Port Credit, ON, Canada 



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